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[EAM] 2017 yeni sonbahar düz renk siyah deve PU deri kemer kadın moda gelgit tüm maç JC67501

[EAM] 2017 yeni sonbahar düz renk siyah deve PU deri kemer kadın moda gelgit tüm maç JC67501

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 Color/ color : Black / red / Beige Fabric/ : PUSIZEThe belt length is /100 wide and /2.3 bag /17*11(details : the picture is based on the Apple 6 as a reference, you can put your cell phone in, but the apple 6plus needs to remove the cell phone to put it in Unit CM (sampling measurement, error is unavoidable, mind careful PAT)____________________________________________________________________________
free express shipping for $100 : Korea,Japan,Philippines,Singapore,Indonesiafree express shipping for $120 : USA,Saudi Arabia,Kuwait,Qatar,New Zealand,Germany,Switzerland,Italy,                                                   Englad,France, Australia,Belgium,Spain,Netherlands,Poland,Canadafree express shipping for $150 : Mexico,Turkey,Colombia,Ukraine,Croatia,Russia,Isracl ,Belarus
About quality : Our products are shipped before the full inspection, but very few parts contain a small number of rough (such as : buttons easy to drop, a small degree of ladder in clothes, sesame black spots, small lines, etc.) These do not affect wearing , Including the counter will have such a problem, hope that my dear customers can understand. And immediately after receipt of goods to check whether there are quality problems (some big package we are vacuum suction, be sure to carefully open the package)
About evaluation / dispute : Please do not arbitrarily to us, bad reviews, do not arbitrarily open disputes, because your praise will be our constant pursuit of unremitting efforts to power! If we are dissatisfied with what we have. Please contact us, we will try to service to your satisfaction so far! Because I believe that no problem can not be solved. If you are satisfied, please remember to share EAM to the friends, together to enjoy the fashion EAM bring you!! Remember to give us five-star praise!Thanks

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